DEALL: How decentralization will eat ALL (panel)

by Hector Fernandez | at Minnebar 17 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Louis Pasteur | View Schedule

Decentralization has begun to affect all industries/aspects of our lives without most even understanding it.

There have been 4 major technological (original definition - beyond hardware/software/screens) forces in our generation: 1/Earth - internet or Web 1.0 / all humanity finally interconnected in a worldwide web

2/Fire - the untethering of desktop through a mobile wave in mid 2000s that sparked virality & revolutions galore

3/Water - the cloud envelops earth & fire and exponentiates both to infinite scale

4/Air - DeAll, the de-centralization of finance (defi) & art/music/content/journalism/academia is erupting = everywhere & nowhere, unconstrained by power, time, or structures

**This last revolution is ALL-to-ALL centric, with endless push to have Each of Us: own - access - build our own full stacks:

Stacks of thoughts, expression, critiques, poems, fashion, challenge, economics, identity, comics, games, training, UI/UX, monetization, with increasing level of independence & interoperability independent of centralized forces.

Will have 4 DeAll panelists + a few free T-shirt’s never to be replicated again

Questions to submit ahead of time? twtr = hectorguatemala

Preview of what is DeAll? YouTube with one of most famous Apple/Tesla/big tech equity research analysts after we came back from Bitcoin 2021 =


Hector Fernandez

Grew up investing in high yield/emerging market credit & derivatives.

Post MBA at Kellogg, was President for global commodity hedging/trading biz built on derivatives, been Divisional CFO at worlds largest private company + worlds largest healthcare co, and was investment banker in Tech / Media / Telco in worlds largest bank.

But who cares? The nodes do not and this is about what btc + eth built == in that world titles don’t matter!