Let's argue about where we work!

by Jim Bernard | at Minnebar 17 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Zeke Landres | View Schedule

Important work should be done in person in an office with colleagues. Remote work saved my [life/marriage/dog's well being]. Two days a week in office is the best solution for hybrid. Early career people need in-person mentoring. It's not the same on Zoom. It's not the same in person. We want you to come in, we require you to come in, we could care less if you come in. I feel anxious about getting sick or just being around people!

If one of these statements (or similar ones) makes your blood boil then this session may be for you. We're going to respectfully argue it out in an audience-participation session where you can share your personal experiences and strongly held positions about where we work and the myriad of related issues that surround that issue.

But this argument won't just be about winning (because who would you beat?) but rather about listening and learning. This session is really for you if you want to think through this complicated issue with smart people and find examples, experiences and beliefs that may be different than your own. Come with a strong opinion but also an open ear for understanding why this issue animates our contemporary work culture.

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Jim Bernard

Jim Bernard is the Senior Vice President of Digital at the StarTribune. Previously he ran MarketWatch.com. He is a former member of the Minne* Board of Directors.