🔓Unlocking Our Brain’s Power to Innovate 🧠

by Milan Shroff | at Minnebar 17

What is more important? Getting the answer right? Or, asking the right question? This session explores why innovation remains elusive despite companies investing millions in “innovation centers” or hoping that making innovation a company value will somehow inspire employees to be innovative. We will concentrate on the first barrier to innovation: your brain. Once we learn how our brain tries to limit our innovative thinking, we will teach our mind to counteract it. You will learn techniques to decipher what really is the problem, what actually needs to be solved, and ways to creatively solve it.


Milan Shroff

Milan is a professional trainer and leadership coach with over 15 years of experience in Tech. He has taught hundreds of students on Product and Agile topics. Currently, Milan is an Enterprise Coach at United Health Group, a Fortune 5 company, helping them mature through their Product and Agile journey.

Milan remains a Big Ten fan with his master's degree in business from Michigan State and a bachelor degree in engineering from The U (Minnesota). He has spent most his time in Minnesota at companies such as Target, UHG, and IBM. During cold Minnesota winters, Milan often wonders why he left EA Games in San Francisco. He also has automotive engineering experience from his time in Michigan and loves to talk cars.