Things Maybe You Don't Know as a Newer Developer

by Dan Lew | at Minnebar 17 | 3:45 – 4:30 in Bde Maka Ska | View Schedule

The theme of every talk I’ve ever given is “stuff I wish someone had told me earlier” and this talk is no different.

I’ve been working as a software developer for over 15 years, and I’m hoping to compile a useful list of general software development advice I wish someone had taught me from the start.

I’ll cover both coding and process-related topics, such as how to learn new frameworks and technologies, how to properly review code, and how to be a good teammate.

Hopefully you’ll learn a helpful tip or two, and if not, I’ll make sure to leave some time at the end for Q&A.


Dan Lew

Dan Lew has code in his DNA and has been speaking since he was two years old. He's focused these skills on development for the past decade, working on many large applications (FlightTrack, Expedia, Trello) as well as maintaining some open source libraries and applications. Currently he works on the circular economy at Rheaply.

When not speaking, he's silent.

You can contact him on Twitter or read his website.