[Panel] On Burnout

by Tony Collen and cortney rasmussen | at Minnebar 17

Note: I am looking for two more panelists to participate in the panel. If you are interested, or know someone who would be, please get in touch with me.

Have you burned out? Do you think you might be burning out?

In this panel, we'll have a conversation with a few people who have experienced burnout, and talk about what happened, how they recovered, and any other questions from the audience.

Our panelists will discuss (among other topics)

  • How did they experience burnout?
  • Did they have any warning signs?
  • What happened when they burned out?
  • What did they do to recover?
  • How are they doing now?


  • Tony Collen
  • Cortney Rasmussen
  • Others TBD If you are or know someone who has experienced burnout, and want to share, please get in touch with Tony!

Moderator: Lizzie Breyer Bowman

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Tony Collen

I'm a software engineer (mostly Elixir/Ruby, learning Rust, and whatever else), hacker, explorer, and ham radio operator in my free time.

tcollen at gmail dot com

cortney rasmussen

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

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