[Panel] On Burnout

by Tony Collen, cortney rasmussen, Tammy Livingston, and Lizzie Breyer Bowman | at Minnebar 17 | 10:20 – 11:05 in Theater | View Schedule

Have you burned out? Do you think you might be burning out?

In this panel, we'll have a conversation with a few people who have experienced burnout, and talk about what happened, how they recovered, and any other questions from the audience.

Our panelists will discuss (among other topics)

  • How did they experience burnout?
  • Did they have any warning signs?
  • What happened when they burned out?
  • What did they do to recover?
  • How are they doing now?


  • Tony Collen
  • Cortney Rasmussen
  • Tammy Livingston

Moderator: Lizzie Breyer Bowman

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Tony Collen

20+ years in tech, freelance/independent software developer (primarily Elixir), hacker, explorer, and amateur radio operator in my free time.

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cortney rasmussen

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

Tammy Livingston

VP Operations @ Cloudburst, SBC | Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Lizzie Breyer Bowman

VP marketing, Lemonada Media. Minnestar board member.