🌐 WWW: What in the world is happening on the web?

by Nick Krantz | at Minnebar 17

From the first HTML webpage in 1991 to the development of CSS in 1994 and JavaScript in 1995, these three technologies have undergone numerous iterations and are at the very core of all web development.

Today, web developers are more likely to use a framework such as Angular, Next, Solid, Svelte, React, or Vue. With so many options to choose from, deciding which framework to use can be daunting and confusing. Why are there so many options? What are the benefits?

In this talk we'll learn why frameworks exist, look under the hood at what differentiates them, and get to the bottom of what in the world is happening on the web!

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Nick Krantz

Nick Krantz is a Software Developer at Livefront where he delivers stunning digital experiences, one pixel at a time.

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