👀 A Practical Approach to Gathering User Feedback

by Geri Huibregtse and Lucy Hinton | at Minnebar 17 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Bde Maka Ska | View Schedule

Gathering user feedback is crucial to the work of user experience designers, product professionals, engineers, and leaders, but it can earn a reputation for being expensive, time-consuming, and even trivial. A systematic approach to collecting and interpreting insights can mitigate budget creep and prevent essential data points from getting lost in unread reports. We’ll share our practical approaches and some of the highlights (and lowlights) we’ve experienced as we’ve operationalized our methods.


Geri Huibregtse

Geri has a rich background in consulting and leading custom digital experiences and product design and development. Her expertise includes building and leading successful teams, processes, and client relationships within high-growth tech spaces and large Fortune 500 companies. She is currently the COO at Foundry.

Lucy Hinton

As an avowed design chameleon, Lucy has made everything from home screens to mascots to dinosaur puppets. Her work is driven by her insatiable curiosity and dedication to building useful and resilient products and services. She is currently a Product Designer at Foundry and serves as the Treasurer for UXPA MN.

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