How to survive in your job today!

by Shireesha Sooram | at Minnebar 17 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Proverb-Edison | View Schedule

Biggest problem in this fast-moving technology world is how to survive in your job!

There are various factors its dependent on:

Think Smart, Technology, Experience, Patience, Never give up, Involve your soul, Power of Acceptance, Willingness to learn, Say No, Keep it Clear. Its you at end!!

This applies for any age group/any role who want to be happy at work place too!

I will be talking about how to acquire all above and stand out!

Let's meet soon!

Shireesha S

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Shireesha Sooram

Hi, I am Shireesha, I worked as Quality Analyst for 9 years on different domains and different teams.

I am good at business analysis, Customer feedback reviews, project quality analysis planning, managing team and many more that I love to do.

I am a master's student currently, to achieve which I dream!! Looking for Internship programs!

I believe that It's not the role, it's the work you do which makes you happy that's more important! I am also interested in motivating people.

I believe in smart work along with hard work which is a key to succeed in anything.

If we really strive to achieve anything, no one can stop you against the will power.

I believe that miracles don't happen they are made!!