Data science Q&A

by Dan Frankowski | at Minnebar 17 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Nokomis | View Schedule

I've been a software developer and data scientist since 1994. I've worked at Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and a host of startups. I would be happy to answer questions, either one-on-one (bring some code to run and debug, or a particular problem) or to the whole group (bring questions), during this session. We'll write down questions for 5 minutes, then start going.

I'll favor questions that more people are interested in. So, this is likely a group discussion, heavily moderated by me. If that happens, then I can answer one-on-one questions outside the session.

NEW ADDITION: Link to submit questions: Go ahead and submit and vote whenever you like. This is an experiment.

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Some possible topics I could help with:

  • Code: R and tidyverse (e.g., dplyr), python (but not pandas in-depth), Hive (i.e. SQL for Hadoop clusters), SQL
  • How to become a data scientist (I wrote parts 0-3 on medium, start at
  • A/B experiments (design, analysis, process)
  • Deep learning for image recognition (gave a talk about a Kaggle contest last Minnebar)
  • How data scientists work in groups or companies
  • Software development for data scientists
  • Statistics at an intermediate level (e.g., basic binomial frequentist confidence intervals)
  • Basic cloud concepts (I have worked on cloud platforms like AWS, Heroku, Aptible, but I wouldn't speak in-depth about cloud migration strategies)
  • High-level technical understanding of GPT, based on my notes from

Or maybe I'll crash and burn. Or maybe the room will be empty for 50 minutes. Who knows!


Dan Frankowski

I have worked at twin cities startups (Net Perceptions, Orasi Medical, code42, Blue Shift Labs), at larger companies (Google, Amazon, Pinterest), and as a fellow in the GroupLens research lab at the University of Minnesota. I was a data scientist at Pinterest for six years (from startup to big). See more at linkedin.