27 Things You Never Thought You'd Need to Know About SMS and Email Delivery

by Abby Allen | at Minnebar 17

Notifications drive product engagement, provide a secure sign up experience, and keep your customers informed about new developments within your application. Twilio and other providers make setting up basic email and SMS notifications look easy, but the initial ease of set up masks a wide array of deliverability challenges that may severely damage the user experience of your notification-based workflows. Husband and wife duo Carl and Abby Allen have lived through the trenches of notification delivery for over five years and will share their war stories of managing complex notification systems at international scale. Anyone interested in the customer-experience of SMS and email-based workflows should be able to walk away from this session with a better understanding of the legal landscape around SMS and email notifications in the United States and abroad, as well as technical challenges to consider that will enhance your customer's experience with your product.

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Abby Allen

Abby Allen is a user-centered product manager, entrepreneur, and mom from Saint Anthony, MN. She's currently a Senior Product Manager on the Notifications Experience Team at PagerDuty, which is responsible for the successful delivery of over 65 million global notifications a month.