Bringing AI to your business...Little by Little

by Pete Kataras | at Minnebar 17 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Nokomis | View Schedule

Whether they know it or not, businesses have data. They use data to operate. They generate data on a daily basis. For some, this provides simple metrics to take a temperature check of the business - such as average cart value or total cost of sales. But from these basic data sets a deep story can usually be told. Through descriptive analysis or predictive modeling, this data can be leveraged to tell a story and pin point greater opportunity. Through causal analysis ideas can be tested and client journeys optimized.

At GED Test Service we are taking steps to unlock this additional value. We started with a relatively dormant database of information reporting total counts and averages, to exploratory analysis and visualizations. Recently we partnered with the U of M grad program to launch projects that cluster our learners into segments and create a model to predict their likelihood to earn their GED. Next, we are planning to use this prediction model to help us optimize our marketing resources to support the largest number of learners.

I’d love to share our journey on how we are unlocking this additional value for the business.


Pete Kataras

Pete Kataras is the Director of Analytics and Finance at GED Testing Service and is responsible for providing data-driven insight and strategy to the business as well as overseeing the organization’s financial plans and budgets. He works with internal and external clients to define and execute data projects that lead to a better understanding of our learner’s, identify opportunities for more effective product solutions and uncover relationships that lead to increased learner persistence. Prior to joining GED in 2019, he worked as a consultant and financial analyst in Chicago and earn his MBA from the University of Chicago-Booth School of Business.