Keep UX Design Boring

by Andy Krueger | at Minnebar 16 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Nokomis | View Schedule

Splashy visual designs and sexy product launches get attention, but a lot of the best UX contributions fly under the radar. Let's celebrate the unglamorous work that nevertheless improves people's lives, contributes to the bottom line, and is actually within reach for teams of all sizes. I'll share stories about projects where:

  • We gave users what they wanted instead of what they asked for (and saved months of development time)
  • A small change made a big difference (and $300,000,000 of revenue in the first year)
  • We made something new by keeping it the same (and everyone loved it)
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Andy Krueger

Principal Product Designer at Datasite. President of UXPA-MN. Big nerd.