Thru The Looking Glass: How To Create Breakthrough Connections On Zoom And Beyond

by Eduardo Drake | at Minnebar 16 | 10:20 – 11:05 in Alaska | View Schedule

Let's face the facts: Zoom and other forms of video conferencing are here to stay. Forever. Higher bandwidths, sharper images, better audio and video, even 3D is around the corner, as the technology gets better and better. But, what about you? Are you getting better and better at connecting through the medium of zoom? Or are you merely tolerating or complaining about it? Join in this session to learn techniques and distinctions to put you squarely in charge of the quality of the connections you create not only on zoom, but in any human encounter.

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Eduardo Drake

Eduardo Drake lives in the Twin Cities as father, artist, tango dancer yogi, patent wizard, and entrepreneur. He’s also founder of Fantastic IP Consulting and The Oneness Company. In both endeavors, he's wholly committed to delivering wisdom, imagination, and enthusiasm.

At Fantastic IP (changing to Invenity Law), Eduardo focuses 25+ years of legal wisdom and know-how on multiplying the value of ideas and businesses with patents, trademarks, copyrights, and related licensing and risk mitigation strategies and execution, Prior to founding Fantastic IP in 2011, Eduardo served as a shareholder at national patent powerhouse Schwegman Lundberg, winner of 15 top-ten national rankings for patent quality. He's on a mission to help fired up entrepreneurs change the world--- any way he can. He's also been recognized as an IP SuperLawyer for 8 years. Eduardo believes that the world is better off when more people can share and profit from their creative insights and wants to make it easier for more people to get their ideas into the world.

The Oneness Company is a venture founded to proliferate technologies (know-how, mindsets, frameworks, distinctions, etc) that promote human thriving, particularly technologies that multiply human connection, creativity, and celebration-- three evidence-based pathways to greater resilience and energy. Its flagship offering Connectorcise is a 60-minute workout which explores and expands our capacity to silently and verbally navigate the sensory experience of human connection through deeper seeing, listening, and speaking

Eduardo earned an electrical engineering degree from Mississippi State University, a law degree from University of Virginia, and a 200-hour Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training (TCLT) certification from The Circling Institute in San Francisco (led by Guy Sengstock, world renowned founder of Circling, which is sometimes called relational yoga or intersubjective meditation).