A play date for Playdate owners, future-owners, playdate-curious, & anyone else who wants to join!

by Martin Grider | at Minnebar 16 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Alaska | View Schedule

Let's meetup and talk about all things Playdate!

This little handheld gaming device (https://play.date/ for more info) is as capable as it is captivating!

Martin will give a brief talk about how to develop for the Playdate, and then lead a group discussion where we talk about whatever playdate-related topics the group decides!

Bring your playdate (if you're lucky enough to have one already), and your curiosity!

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Martin Grider

Martin Grider is a game designer and developer who also does contract software development (mostly native iOS). He releases games periodically at Abstract Puzzle, and writes about game development on his blog at chesstris.com. Find him on mastodon at @grid@mastodon.gamedev.place.