Friends and Family vs Angel Investor vs Venture Capital - How do I fund my startup?

by Joe Morris | at Minnebar 16 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Harriet | View Schedule

  • When you are a startup looking for funding, which source should you pursue?

  • When is the right time to seek funding (and which source fits each stage)?

    Idea only, MVP, Beta customers, Paying Customers
  • What does each source focus on? What are they looking for?

  • How much should you be looking to give up at each stage?

These are questions that every entrepreneur asks when looking to fund their company. We can provide insight into each of the funding sources mentioned.

Although we will have a few slides to prompt discussion, this session is meant to be a Q&A session for startups wondering how to fund their company.

This session is being hosted by Joe Morris and Peyton Green. Joe is a serial entrepreneur, VP of Investments and Acquisitions at Traction Capital, a member of Gopher Angels, and a private Angel Investor. Peyton is a senior associate at Traction Capital and interfaces with over 30 startups that are looking for funding on a monthly basis. An aspiring founder himself, Peyton has spent the past 3 years entrenched in the Venture and Startup scene learning what works (and doesn’t work) for founders on the capital raise journey.


Joe Morris

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