Radical Financial Transparency in Your Business

by John Eckhardt | at Minnebar 16 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Challenge | View Schedule

What would happen if you shared the financial data of your company with everybody in it? That thought terrifies many people. But why? Do you really think your teammates would leave if they found out how poorly the company is doing? Are you afraid that your employees would find out that you're making too much money?

If you don't share any information, all people can do is speculate. And their speculation will always be inaccurate for how your business is truly operating.

It's time to stop the speculation and realize the benefits of being an open organization.

We'll discuss how sharing financial information can help:

  • Improve inter-company communication
  • Lower your stress level
  • Make your company more profitable
  • Help you grow your business or freelancing
  • Build trust

John Eckhardt (Code Pros) will you walk through his experiences of opening up the books to his employees.

We'll walk through how you can set up an easy-peasy financial report to start your sharing journey. Bring a P&L or list of money you've made and expenses you've had in the last month. (don't worry! You won't have to share with anybody who's at this talk!)

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John Eckhardt

John Eckhardt started programming before he could read. Ok, maybe he started at age 9, but that's still pretty early! His passion for programming, entrepreneurship and efficiency has led to the founding of Code Pros eight years ago to help people do more of what they love (because they're doing less administrative busywork). His current day to day is a mix of client relations and leading developers.

John's enjoying the intersection of technology, process, business and efficiency. And shredding organ solos on his keyboard.