Delivering features: 10 Reasons why you should write that test! ⚙️ 👾

by Ahnaf Prio | at Minnebar 16

Let's be honest, most of us would not write tests if we did not have to. Does anyone truly enjoy writing them? You know what? I'll just admit it: I HATE IT! However, in my little career working for a fortune 500 company and an emerging startup: I have to admit tests have made my life so much easier! I find myself being able to rewrite the entire codebase (with a different design pattern, framework or program language) and knowing that my tests are there to validate my work I can soundly sleep at night merging and deploying that horrific PR into the master branch knowing nothing is broken.

In summary, this is going to be a talk from a developer who hates tests advocating for writing them. Pretty contradictory and hypocritical? Yeah I know.. that's why its not going to be boring .. DUH! 😜

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Ahnaf Prio

Ahnaf Prio consults for Fortune 500 companies in his home state of Minnesota on software architecture and digital transformation. He co-founded, serving as CTO, innovating in the life insurance sector. Additionally, Ahnaf was the CTO of Tavolo, a restaurant tech startup that won emerging startup of the year in minnesota in 2021. Following his consulting role at Securian Financial, Ahnaf now contributes his expertise at Best Buy, helping the e-commerce giant elevate the digital customer shopping experience. Ahnaf also serves as President of the Board of Directors for the University of Minnesota Morris Alumni Association