Diagnose & Cure Your Procrastination

by Ty Hitzeman | at Minnebar 16 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

You have big ambitions for your coding project on Saturday. But when it's time to fire up your IDE and start, you just scroll Instagram instead.

You want to hit your work deadline, but you keep getting distracted by small tasks that don't matter.

You keep saying how much you'd love to take a trip to Japan. But it's been 5 years since you've had the idea, and you still haven't done anything about it.

You procrastinate.

You've tried all the things that your favorite productivity guru recommended: pomodoros, GTD, waking up at 5am, time blocking, deep work. They don't stick, because they treat the symptoms of your procrastination, not the root cause.

What's the root cause? It depends. But it has to do with your identity, fears, and ego. Using positive psychology, mindfulness, and one piece of paper, I'll help you find out for yourself why it's been so hard to follow through on your goals.

Here's how the session is structured: 1. Learn - a new mental model for procrastination 2. Apply - the model & start to understand the root cause of your procrastination 3. Personalize - your productivity system based on what you learned 4. Discuss - share what you think & ask questions

PS. Bring a pen.

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Ty Hitzeman

Last year I quit my FT job to build a calendar app that helps you stop wasting your time. I've talked to 100+ people about their time management challenges since then. My session is based on what I've learned from those conversations.