Minnesota Tech Stack: Reverse Q&A

by Craig Fisk | at Minnebar 16 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Alaska | View Schedule

The idea is for the participants to answer (and share) questions on a Google Doc about: a) Which companies are using technology "X" and, b) what is the tech stack at company "Y". For example, which companies are using AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure; JavaScript vs. Go vs. Python; Github vs. Gitlab vs. Perforce vs. SVC; MS SQL Server vs. PostgreSQL vs. MySQL vs. ?? React vs. Vue vs. Svelte vs. Angular vs Ionic vs. jQuery. Wordpress vs. Gatsby vs. Hugo vs. HTML? Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux (Red Hat vs. Ubuntu vs. ??)
Also, what is the tech stack at Cargill, General Mills, Best Buy, Target, Ecolab, 3M, Medtronic? For the bigger companies, probably there will be a different lingua franca depending on where in the company we are talking about. What about startups? What about SMB? We'll put the Google Doc up at the front of the room and share the link to participants and anyone interested.

The goal is to have a map of what companies you might want to be involved with if you are using "X".

Here is an example of reverse Q&A: example of reverse Q&A from PDXPython

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