Why you should monitor your systems and why humans shouldn't do it.

by Colton Kratky | at Minnebar 16 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Harriet | View Schedule

As time goes on our IT systems become more and more complex and spread out. In the past a person could simply check on each item every morning and see the status, that is no longer a reliable or feasible way to make sure your systems are good in most modern environments.

I will talk about why it is important to monitor, some ways and applications to do so (specifically free ones that anyone can use), and why this process should be automated with notifications and not left to human eyes only.

Any remaining time till be for sharing other tools and ways that anyone else has used that helped them with monitoring their systems.


Colton Kratky

Colton joined the military and was placed as a System Administrator, Radio operator, and Satcom operator and that started his career in IT and made him actually enjoy working on computers and systems. In 2019 he started working as a Network and Server Administrator and recently was promoted to Sr Network and Security Administrator.

He enjoys learning new things and figuring out how to automate tasks with python and powershell.

His education has been through on the job training, crash course training (I.e. 5 days a week 8-4 for 6 months), and learn it to run it (I.e. I'm now supposed to administer this new thing, figure it out yourself how to do so).