🧪 Why you should (or shouldn’t) do A/B testing.

by Matt Schraan and Ali Joaquin | at Minnebar 16

A/B testing is an incredibly valuable tool for data-driven product management. But, it doesn’t come for free and it isn’t the only available method for vetting new user experiences. Taken to its logical extreme, if you were to A/B test every feature in your product, you would be throwing away 50% of your product team’s work!

So given that opportunity cost, is A/B testing even worth it? Well… it depends!

In this session, we’ll engage in some real talk about A/B testing. Join us if you are interested in chewing on any of these questions.

  • What makes for a good A/B testing opportunity?
  • Why is A/B testing so costly, and how can we minimize that?
  • How do you design a good A/B test?
  • How do you implement a good A/B test?
  • How should you go about interpreting your A/B test results?
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Matt Schraan

Matt Schraan leads Product Management at Livefront. At Livefront, Matt loves to run experiments - not the least of which involving dad jokes.

Ali Joaquin

Ali is a product designer, storyteller, and user advocate at Livefront.

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