Open Source Code Adventures in Salesforce

by Thaddaeus Dahlberg and Ryan Blake | at Minnebar 16

Open-source coding for Salesforce? Is that a thing?! I thought they were all about clicks not code. Aren't they a platform trying to make money? Why would they allow anyone to give stuff away?! Why should I even care?

Ryan Blake (Cloud for Good) and Thad Dahlberg (University of St. Thomas) will answer these burning questions and more in this session where they discuss their adventures in open-sourcing an event registration solution called the Summit Events App that has its origin story right here in Minnesota at the University of St. Thomas.

You'll learn about:

  • What Salesforce is and the opportunities for developers within the platform
  • The Open Source Commons
  • What coding looks like in Salesforce
  • What tools are provided to effectively Open Source Code in Salesforce
  • How Summit Events App started right here at the University of St. Thomas, MN
  • How you can get involved in the Summit Events App and other Salesforce Open Source endeavors

Thaddaeus Dahlberg

Thaddaeus (Thad) Dahlberg has spent most of his professional life serving the Education sector from the pre-internet time where he worked in a print shop, to building University Web sites, creating Content Management Systems, coding Web-based educational software, and even a three-year stint as a High School technology teacher in Nairobi, Kenya. He currently is a Senior Software Engineer at the University of St. Thomas in MN where he works exclusively for the Salesforce CRM team within Innovation & Technology Services (ITS). Having worked in many different programming languages and software frameworks Thad finds Salesforce as a development platform a delightful place to have landed in his career.

Ryan Blake

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