No BS Bitcoin Whitepaper

by Jade Barker | at Minnebar 15 | Thu, Oct 8 • 9:30 – 9:55 in Phalen Track | View Schedule

Are you curious for a technical explanation of the Bitcoin whitepaper... but grossed out by crypto weirdos trying to make you buy stuff? Let me walk you through it. No shilling, mining pools, or MLMs.... just knowledge of the technology.

I've been in Blockchain since 2015, learned from someone who's been in since 2010. We'll go through the Bitcoin Whitepaper without any funny business. The Bitcoin Whitepaper is only like 9 pages... how hard can it be?

I'm not gonna lie, it's esoteric and weird, but also a natural evolution of online banking. Worth understanding even if you never buy/use. If you are a real curious cat, read before you come:

We'll cover the broad points of the white paper with a lot of metaphors and diagrams. No time to go through the math. I promise to make the content accessible & worth your time.

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Jade Barker

Warrior Princess of Tech: Fintech and Blockchain

I use a wacky title because we report to a lot of Regulators. It saves me hassles. Fintech Geek: My specialty is Investment Crowdfunding (Issuing Exempt Securities) using US DOLLARS & LAWS. Blockchain, Smart Contracts/ Smart Documents, Tech Startups, and Small Business Funding. We proudly serve all lawful businesses, no gatekeeping here.

I’m next to answer questions if our Founder David Duccini isn’t home. I’ve been in Midwest Fintech since 2013, before that I was a Chemist in Pharmaceuticals. I currently serve in a few capacities:

Co-Founder of a Blockchain 501(c)(3): The Strength in Numbers Foundation (SNF) est. 2014 Business Systems Consultant for our Regulation Investment Crowdfunding Portals (SPPX) est. 2016 Transfer Agent for our SEC Transfer Agency: Silicon Prairie Registrar and Transfer (SPRT) est. 2018 Generalist for our FRINA Broker Dealer: Silicon Prairie Capital Partners (SPCP) est. 2020

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