Cargo Cult Capitalism : Three Reasons Your Startup is Not Getting Funded

by David Duccini | at Minnebar 15 | Thu, Oct 15 • 11:00 – 11:25 in Phalen Track | View Schedule

If you need money for your startup what do you think you need to do?

If the answer is "pitch my idea to as many Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors as possible" you may have accidentally joined a cult!

In this biting and witty session local contrarian capitalists David Duccini and Jade Barker, recently off a whirl-wind tour of Investment Banking exams that has allowed them to launch Silicon Prairie Capital Partners a "Modern Investment Bank Inspired by Crowdfunding and Powered by Automation", intend to break down the MYTHS surrounding startup capital formation!

You'll learn how to spot people who are "for vanity" instead of "for profit" and some tools to check yourself to see if you have the power to get to the next level?

You'll also save yourself a ton of time trying to get coffee dates with people who are NEVER going to invest in your big idea, but are full of "oughta-do" advice! (Hint it comes down to just three reasons)

You'll discover that most competitions, incubators and accelerators are just another form of "beauty pageant" and that many of the so called "judges" have zero experience in startups (and most are just corporate sponsors of the events.)

You'll learn the power of the word DISCERNMENT and hopefully come to realize that you may have been outsourcing it to the wrong people.

Lastly you'll learn that YOU can now by-pass all the gatekeepers and raise capital publicly using Investment Crowdfunding laws such as MNvest and Regulation Crowdfunding all while maintaining control of your destiny!


David Duccini

Responsible for Software and Security Architecture. David is on a dozen patents for Blockchain Technology with Wells Fargo and wrote his own unique crypto-currency called 2GIVE that had a market cap worth over 20 MILLION USD (at the peak). David has been an active member of since 2011, with status listed as Legendary. Additional experience includes founding an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that acquired seven competitors before a merger and a successful exit. David is a unique expert with a breadth of experience as a software security architect, successful tech entrepreneur, AND visionary with extensive practical experience in Regulated Financial Technology, Blockchain, Smart Documents, and Cryptocurrency. Neck Deep in Blockchain & Fintech for 9 – 10 years, Software for 25+

If you're curious about our master plan for Global Domination, check out the 2017 TECHdotMN 'Minnesota Moonshot' article to see where we've been and where we're going!

David recently joined the investment banking ranks on his way to launching a secondary market for securities sold under various exemptions. When he's not busy wrestling with regulators he enjoys donating his time, plane and pilot skills to "Pilots n Paws" a volunteer organization that helps move pets around the world!