Homeschool 101 for Marketers and Parents

by Ellen Crain | at Minnebar 15 | Sat, Oct 17 • 10:30 – 10:55 in Phalen Track | View Schedule

The number of kids being homeschooled has doubled this year, but it can be hard to learn about the homeschool community, especially during a pandemic. In this presentation, I will cover the questions that tend to come up about homeschooling and answer them from both a parent and a marketer's perspective.

We will talk about:
* The differences between homeschooling, virtual charter schooling and distance learning from a legal and practical perspective,
* Who homeschools and why
* Where to find homeschoolers
* The major "styles" of homeschooling
* The history of homeschooling and where I believe it's headed
* How to avoid sticking your foot in your mouth when talking to homeschoolers.

I have 3 kids who have never attended school, 2 of whom are now graduated and in college (my youngest just started 9th grade). I am a former board member of the Minnesota Homeschool Alliance, have run a few homeschool groups and have been running a homeschool business for the last 5 years, so I have experience with this topic from a lot of different angles. I will be happy to answer whatever questions you have.


Ellen Crain

Ellen Crain is the owner and founder of Homeschool Boss, which offers standardized testing and other services to homeschoolers across the US.