Managing Your IT Career V12 (Why Do Recruiters Suck So Bad?)

by Paul DeBettignies | at Minnebar 15

This is my 12th year of doing this kind of presentation... a bunch of slides and then an invitation to continue the conversation.

Frequent conversations I have had lately include (and bring what is on your mind):

What is the local job market like right now? Is this a good time to look for a new job? There have been a number of IT layoffs these past months... how do I play defense? The economy, where are we? Networking virtually, how to do it The economy… how I see it now and as the year progresses

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And every year someone asks, "Why do recruiters suck so bad?". I'll pull the curtain back on what it is like to be one now during COVID -19

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Paul DeBettignies

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