Next Web

by Sergey Tolkachev | at Minnebar 15 | Sat, Oct 17 • 10:00 – 10:25 in Phalen Track | View Schedule

Users don’t need millions of applications, they need interactive Web!


Sergey Tolkachev

I am a software developer and founder of a startup software company 256gl. Our goal is to deliver AI applications that have the ability to "understand". Prior to starting my own company, I worked as the CTO for Outsell, where we developed one of the first commercial ChatBots for car dealerships from 1999-2001. Before that, I was the Director of Academic Computing and an associate professor in the department of Applied Mathematics. My current research focuses on neural networks, contextual and conversational search, and building tools for personal assistants in healthcare, smart homes, and retail businesses. My credo is to merge science and engineering in harmony.