Grokking Coroutines

by Dan Lew | at Minnebar 15 | Tue, Oct 13 • 10:00 – 10:25 in Nokomis Track | View Schedule

If you’ve been paying even the briefest of attention to Kotlin news over the past couple years, you’ve probably heard the word “coroutines” about a thousand times. Maybe you’ve avoided them because “coroutines” and “suspending functions” sound too complex. Or you’ve read about them but couldn’t explain what they are to someone else. Perhaps you’ve even used coroutines without knowing exactly what is going on.

This talk aims to teach you the fundamentals of coroutines. I’ll explain the core concepts behind coroutines, why you might want to use them, and provide a mental model for reasoning about them. This talk will help both people new to coroutines and those who want to deepen their understanding of them.


Dan Lew

Dan Lew has code in his DNA and has been speaking since he was two years old. He's focused these skills on development for the past decade, working on many large applications (FlightTrack, Expedia, Trello) as well as maintaining some open source libraries and applications. Currently he works on the circular economy at Rheaply.

When not speaking, he's silent.

You can contact him on Twitter or read his website.