Using Zappa to pretend you know how to do serverless things!

by Genghis Philip | at Minnebar 15

This session will dig into beginner-level serverless python development using Zappa and Flask to deploy AWS lambdas.

For this example, we'll create a simple slackbot that requires running a query in order to demonstrate asynchronous and task-based Zappa workflows. We'll also explore ways of mocking lambda to help with local development of serverless apps.

While this session will focus on Zappa and Flask, I'll try to reference other possibilities in case those don't work for your use case.


Genghis Philip

Genghis is a climber and an ultimate player. He has spent the better part of the last decade making sure teams work well together as COO and Scrum Master at various and sundry tech companies around the cities.

I guess you could follow him on Twitter (@hawksfire), but only if you're particularly interested in all-caps tweets about the Chicago Bears.