Your domain has expired: stories behind domains we’ve let lapse

by Matt Decuir | at Minnebar 15

Have you ever had a great idea, bought a domain for it, and then subsequently never done anything with it? Or you've owned one for years and you'll totally build it out in the next year. Then you get a domain renewal notice and realize another whole year has gone by.

If that hits close to home, then this is the session for you!

What to expect

This session will be a forum for people to share the stories behind the domains they've let lapse (or probably should let lapse).

With this being a fully virtual event, the logistics of how these stories will get told is still TBD. Folks will either submit their (short) stories in advance and we'll read them out loud, or ideally we'll let people tell their own stories live (if that's possible). If it's live, each person will get a maximum of one minute each to tell their best expired domain story (or stories). We anticipate a lot of interest, and with limited time, we'll be aggressively cutting people off after a minute.

Come prepared to be entertained, and to share your domain story.

All levels

Matt Decuir

Matt is a self-taught Software Engineer and Founder of The Invisible Network. He's a Seattle transplant, pizza enthusiast, and bicyclist, and uses he/him pronouns. Past projects include Mpls Jr Devs, OMG Transit, and Break The Bubble.

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