Computer Vision on iOS: Detecting Logos

by Paul Himes | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Last summer, General Mills relaunched the long-running Box Tops for Education program with a digital twist. Instead of clipping out rectangular cardboard logos from the tops of cereal boxes, users can now scan their grocery receipts with a mobile app to earn money for their schools.

This presented a unique user education challenge. What happens if a user tries to scan one of the old Box Top logos instead of a receipt?

In this talk you will hear about the process of developing a logo detector prototype for the Box Tops for Education app. See practical uses of computer vision techniques such as rectangle detection and perceptual hashing come together to provide a delightful experience for users.

This talk assumes no existing technical knowledge and is for anyone interested in ways computer vision can make your apps better.

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Paul Himes

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