Madelin Snyder




Founder at Caus, I've got a varied background - having started out a musician and Arts Director, before turning to a career in product management and design.

Passionate about leveraging the high-level creative thinking I've garnered in different mediums throughout my career, the tech world continues to present opportunities for me to let my mind run wild.

I never thought I'd be a product person. I mean, I've got 8 apps on my phone and deleted my Facebook in 2012. When I started out in tech as a content creator, I remember sincerely asking a developer, "What do you actually do though? Explain it to me again!"

Slowly I began being involved with strategizing, designing, and developing products. As of today, I've worked on nearly 100 - and am sincerely in love with the process.

I'm now most interested in understanding the relationship between technology and the human experience. As our world continues to develop at hyper-speed, I believe it's our job as technical people to avoid building products that harm or invade - and intentionally prioritize kind and value-based interactions.

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