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🤩🤘🏽 Side Projects for Fun and Profit - 2018 edition

by Adeel Ahmad

This is a follow up to last year's popular session. I went a little over on time and had to wrap it up while being glared at by the following presenter... by I digress. Get the slides now - I'll be updating up until the session.

I'll go over things like: - why do a side project? - what is a side project? - what if I don't have the skills? - what if I don't have the money? - how do I get users? - how do I validate it? - how much time will this take? - what about XYZ myth that says I can't do this? - what about XYZ reason to keep procrastinating?

I'll also go over my own progress on projects since last Minnebar.

It will be very fast-paced but fun and informative. I'll try to finish this time, lest I face once again face the wrath of the next presenter.

All levels

Adeel Ahmad

Engineering Lead at Caterpillar Digital Labs

Founder/Principal at Lab 1908

Advisor at a bunch of startups around Twin Cities and San Francisco.

Recently moved to MN from San Francisco where I spent the last 15 years in the startup community there.

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