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Sit Back and Let the Computer Evolve Software - An Intro to Genetic Algorithms

by Adeel Ahmad

You know about evolution in the natural world. Did you know the same principles can be applied to software?

Genetic algorithms have been used to solve tough problems - often finding novel optimizations that no human would have considered. NASA launched a tiny antenna evolved by a genetic algorithm that was orders of magnitude smaller than conventional antennas. Genetic algorithms have been used to teach robots to learn to walk.

This session will be a very gentle introduction to the fascinating fields of genetic algorithms and genetic programming.

  • examples of evolutionary algorithms in practice
  • the steps to create a genetic algorithm
  • popular libraries for evolving code
  • challenges in using a genetic algorithm
  • how this relates to AI and deep learning
  • where to find resources
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Adeel Ahmad

Lead Engineer at Yard Club - Airbnb for heavy construction equipment

Founder of Shopseen - multichannel inventory management for retailers

Founder of Postcart - Instagram ecommerce

Just moved to MN from San Francisco where I spent the last 15 years in the startup community there.

Led engineering at social media marketing pioneer Context Optional, which was acquired by Adobe. Founded Shopseen and went through the 500 Startups accelerator and Plug and Play accelerator. Spun off Postcart from Shopseen to focus on social commerce. Also advise entrepreneurs and startups back in SF and around the country.

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