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Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming

by Daniel Lew

Functional reactive programming (FRP) and reactive libraries (e.g. RxJava, Rx.NET, RxJS, Reactive Cocoa, RxSwift) are all the rage these days... but you don't know why! I'm here to help. In this talk I'll walk through the core concepts of reactive streams, functional programming, and why you may want to use these patterns in your software.

While the code samples will be in Java, the concepts discussed are applicable to FRP as it exists in any language.


Daniel Lew

Dan Lew is...

  • ...a rocket ship flying towards the sun at the speed of light. Turn to page 25.
  • ...a social media website with severe character limitations. Turn to page 199.
  • ...a baked gruyère waiting for the first brave soul to take a bite. Turn to page 85.
  • ...an Android developer at Trello. Turn to page 15.
  • ...a process in which matter is turned into energy. Turn to page 186.

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