Open Source Applied - Real World Use Cases

by Justin Reock | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

This isn't your typical case study, this is the reality of open source: One hundred percent of organizations use varying degrees of OSS, yet we still focus on one particular package or layer when it comes to sharing best practices. The reality is, when we get stuck, it's the configuration and operational interrelationships between packages that matter. This session takes open source support data across multiple organizations to examine three different scenarios that represent the most common issues we see today (in fact, 80% of the cases we see are due to configuration and package interrelationship issues). Justin Reock covers e-commerce, mobile PaaS, and high performance computing examples to illustrate top problems and solutions for stack selection, infrastructure implementation, and production troubleshooting. If you use or are planning to use Apache web server, ActiveMQ, CentOS, Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, OpenSSL, Puppet, or PHP, these stories cover how most organizations use them. Even if you're not using these specific packages, the information presented here also applies to other technologies. (Talk given at ZendCon and LinuxCon, OpenSource 101 and All Things Open 2018)

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Justin Reock

Justin is an active blogger, speaker, and free software evangelist. He has spoken at numerous conferences, delivered classroom training, and even delivered a few keynotes. Justin has over 20 years’ experience working in various software roles and is an outspoken free software evangelist, delivering enterprise solutions and community education on databases, integration work, architecture, and technical leadership. He is currently the Chief Architect at OpenLogic by Perforce.