The Robot Apocalypse and You

by AJ Powell | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

As the world becomes more and more automated, as cars begin to drive themselves and traditional labor gets handed over to technology, as we're presented with more and more evidence that, if we can train a machine to do it, we will ... it's important to take some time to think about how we got here and about what's coming next.

In this session, AJ Powell will walk us through the changing landscape of the human world, looking at examples of automation, robot industrialization, transportation infestation, and city landscape regeneration through the lens of the coming robot apocalypse. He'll explore how we got here (and where we're headed), both in the near term and in the next hundred years.

Using humor, pop culture references, and a healthy dose of "movie wisdom" (that's the stuff you learn from watching sci-fi movies) Andrew will present us not with a bleak future, but with a way to reframe the "automation of everything" into an unprecedented opportunity for coders, developers, and tinkerers of all kinds. It's a crash-course in how to win the future ... starring you.

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AJ Powell

AJ Powell is a human consultant for Open Systems Technologies (OST), a Minneapolis technology firm providing services including user experience design, software development, connected products development, data analytics, and hardware and infrastructure management. During the days, AJ works to help his team of more than 60 software developers be the best version of themselves. At night, AJ sits in his apocalypse bunker eating expired breakfast cereal and teaching his Roomba the value of human life.