Open source: Blockchain at Target

by Adeeb Ahmed | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Target has 2 main projects related to Blockchain, both are completely open-source and available for all to see & participate!

  • ConsenSource, a certificate registry blockchain application, has a consortium forming around it and is getting closer to production! Learn about the challenges associated with enterprise blockchain (DLT), the tech behind it, working with industry peers, and forming a consortium.

  • Hyperledger Grid, a smart contract framework, has tons of innovation surrounding it like Splinter, wasm, and more! Learn about the Pilot we're working on transmitting item-level master data directly between organizations!

This session will dive into the technologies used in the projects above. The choices that led us to use specific tech stacks as opposed to others. Clarification on permissioned vs permissionless chains. Challanges around the technology, Q & A.


All components of ConsenSource:


Underlying Blockchain for Consensource:

Hyperledger Sawtooth:

Smart contract framework:

Hyperledger Grid:

Preferred DLT for Grid:



Adeeb Ahmed

First-principals thinker, code composer, and problem solver. I like tackling new, innovative, and challenging problems. I have advance knowledge of distributed systems, consensus algorithms, blockchain, etc. Engineer @ Target