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Planning vacations should be fun, not work.

by Shuo Wang and Martin Dale Lyness

Saving money on flights is easy. Just know ahead of time what the lowest price for your flight will be and keep searching every hour until you find that price.

Okay - that's a bit more involved than it seems.

For most people, trying to get the best price on a flight isn't worth the hassle and time. Most people check a few different aggregators, over a couple of days, and then book their flights, satisfied they've done their due diligence. How do most people know they've gotten a great price? The truth is for most people, it doesn't matter. How often have you checked on the price of your flight after you booked?

And then there's me. Over the past 10 years, I've flown over 500,000 miles -- obsessed with getting great deals and maximizing value out of both points and cash, figuring out what price points are great on any given route from MSP, and constantly searching to get flights at those price points.

Can you predict whether flight prices go higher or lower? Can you predict whether flight prices go higher or lower?

My best friend, Martin, suggested we automate the process, encapsulate my domain knowledge and the algorithmic components, and build a SaaS that helps people save hassle and money when booking flights.

Together, we will present our startup aiforflights.com -- a service which uses proprietary methods built on top of the Azure cloud to save our customers money and hassle.

You'll learn a bit about how the building a SaaS application on Azure Cloud platform, how flight pricing actually works, and a couple of things you can do on your own to save money on your next flight.


Shuo Wang

Co-Founder (Data) of aiforflights.com. Over 500,000 miles flown in the past 10 years. My obsession is optimizing for value, knowing that value differs from person to person.

Lead Data Science Consultant in the 9-5 world.

Martin Dale Lyness

I build things for people with people. I have always loved building stuff. Whether it was assembling computer hardware for friends and neighbors as I was growing up, creating custom a bed for my daughter, or developing highly scalable cloud software solutions.

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