Delivering the largest platform update in our company's history: Learnings from a 4+ year product journey

by Bill Gintz | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

We recently achieved 100% delivery of the most massive, ridiculously complex, and arguably most important update to the document processing platform in our company's history. This amazing product journey of over 4 years was able to stay relevant due to some core engineering principles and characteristics. In this talk, I'll share learnings and insights from the program and unpack the core engineering principles and characteristics that enabled delivery of this epic milestone.

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Bill Gintz

Bill Gintz is a Product Owner at SPS Commerce focused on the document processing platform services. Bill is an advocate of the Agile Scrum framework and is a Certified Scrum PO, Scrum Master, and SAFe Agilist. Outside of his career, Bill is passionate about spending time with his family, coaching, and mountain biking year round.