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Pair programming: Supporting Your Jr Devs Right

by Kisha Delain

Hey! You're a senior programmer! You want to mentor that new person, and what better way than to pair up with them on some programming? There's all kinds of advice out there on different ways to pair program, and you have a ton of wisdom to impart. But you're worried: what if you overwhelm your junior dev? How can you make this a good experience for them? Let's talk about some ways that might help, and some things to try if things go off the rails.

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Kisha Delain

Kisha made the shift from academia to coding a whole year ago, is trying to figure out how to pair with people now (slightly) junior to her as well as navigate pair programming with more senior people. She likes to use appropriate tools for the job, whether that's Kotlin for coding, Python for data science, or the fancy sander for smoothing off edges.

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