10 Ways for Designers to Bring Inclusive and Accessible Design Practices into Their Work

by Leslie Mollner and Kenzie Owens | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

How can we as designers help with the process of making digital products accessible? What does it mean to be inclusive in our design practices? We will look at 10 ways for design folks to bring human-centered, inclusive, and accessible processes into their projects.

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Leslie Mollner

As a UX designer, Leslie works in collaborative environments to bring digital products to life. Her path to the design and UX fields was eclectic. She spent 13 years as a college librarian which included several years helping with design, development, and content creation for the library and campus websites. Before this, Leslie used her psychology and sports psychology background to teach college students and coach college gymnastics. She uses the skills and knowledge she learned from these experiences in the world of user experience design. Leslie strives to bring passion, empathy, and understanding to her projects and is especially interested in how we incorporate inclusive design practices into these projects.

Kenzie Owens

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