Alternative Paths to Justify Skipping College

by Ben Leadholm | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Back in the day, wealthy families had their children get Liberal Arts degrees because it taught them history, philosophy, language, social science, economics, science, math and, especially, writing persuasive arguments in order to lead and influence others. One could get a degree for the price of a Chevrolet.

Today's universities and colleges create graduates who can't articulate either side of an argument, who cower in rooms with plush toys and bean bag chairs when triggered, and who graduate with debt that could have bought a cool early-model Tesla.

Lower quality for a higher price.

It's time to disengage from the herd. This talk will start with a Google workbook, breaking down the costs of private, federal, and a mixture of student loans up to $100,000.

College Loan Payments

Higher education wants you to ask no questions about affordability and value. The presentation identifies alternatives to a four-year institution, and the debt that goes along with it, while being more well-rounded than someone who does attend these daycare centers.

As seniors get their acceptance letters this time of year, it's time for adults in their lives to offer real guidance and, at the very least, persuade them to defer for a year while they learn about alternatives. This is the talk guidance counselors want to censor.


Ben Leadholm

A developer for almost 25 years, starting out with Excel macros and parlaying those skills to an entry-level development position. From VB3 to Ruby (with a stint of .NET and Java in between). Ben is now contracting with specializations in Ruby, Python, and database migration.