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⚫ Dark Mode: What The Fork?

by Cody Ogden

⚠️⚠️ A better description will be added by January 25th. (Check back!) ⚠️⚠️

In 2019, dark mode was all the rage. It's been interesting to watch the proliferation of dark mode design creep into our operating systems, native applications, and now our web sites and web applications. I wanted to learn more about dark mode, how we see, why we blame monitors for eye strain and headaches, and if claims about dark mode being the panacea for those things is true. So, I'm doing a session on dark mode that will hopefully help you identify if/when dark mode is right for you and right for your users.

Here's a rough draft of the major points:

  • A Short Biology Lesson
  • A Short Historical Brief
  • Accessibility: Is dark mode the answer?
  • The Bad Place: don't do this.
  • The Good Place: do these things.
  • Is Dark Mode really good for you, your users, and your app?

Developers, Designers, and Product people will walk away with a new perspective on approaching a dark mode implementation.

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Cody Ogden

Cody Ogden

I’m Cody Ogden. I make things for the web.

At Cannabiz Media, Cody helps design and build an incredible experience for users looking to research and connect with the cannabis industry. He’s additionally responsible for nerdy side-projects like Killed by Google, a digital graveyard of Google’s dead projects.

You can find him on Twitter as both @killedbygoogle or @codyogden.

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