Closing the Loop: How to Integrate Sales and Marketing with Data

by Megan Upperman | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

I'll walk the participants through tech stack requirements and the steps involved in implementing closed loop analytics. You'll want a basic handle on JavaScript and Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and at least a little experience using a CRM. We'll use hidden form fields to automatically send attribution data into the CRM and from the CRM, back into Google Analytics so you can use it!

This gives us an accurate view of which tactics and channels drive actual sales and revenue - not just leads. It also provides a single source of truth for everyone (sales, marketing and vendors) to work from that opens up more advanced technical capabilities and data complexity to answer the toughest questions across all channels.

Examples of awesome next steps after implementing closed loop: - building custom advertising audiences or triggering marketing automation sequences based on the stage in the sales funnel - calculating what to spend for which leads to maximize your sales department's capacity before you encounter diminishing returns - evaluate all of your marketing/advertising teams and vendors with metrics that your c-level team will be excited about


Megan Upperman

I am a subject matter expert and leader in analytics and an advocate for using data to tell compelling, validated stories. I've lead teams at multiple organizations and now I focus my energy on supporting a cross channel team of experts and a wide variety of clients in collecting and utilizing all kinds of data. I am a passionate about teaching others what they need to know in a way that is practical and useful. I am an avid collector of digital knowledge which helps bring context and depth to my digital expertise. My current obsessions include technological advances that can foster a more equitable society and lifting up the incredible work of other women and LGBTQ people who work in technology.