Hands-On SQL Server Query Tuning Workshop

by Andrew Brobston | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Note: I will likely cancel this session but create and host a virtual session outside of Minnebar itself.

You know query plans can help you fix SQL Server performance issues, but maybe you aren’t sure of all the ways query plans can help. Maybe you use index suggestions, but you wonder if you could do better. Maybe you’ve never used a query plan at all. Come to this workshop and learn!

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into some SQL Server performance work. We’ll work together to examine query plans and enhance query performance. Feel encouraged to take part in the conversation, no matter your experience level. We’re all here to learn!

Internet permitting -- which I know has been a challenge in our venue -- you’ll get even more out of the session if you bring a device that can use OpenVPN (if you have SQL Server Management Studio or another client) or remote desktop (if you don’t). You can then experiment on your own to discover suggestions for the group and see improvements for yourself. I'm going to work on an alternative that doesn't require internet access.

When you leave the session, you’ll have more practical ways to fix slow queries the next time you run into a real-world performance problem.

This session is an encore of a session at SQLSaturday #913. But, it can go in a completely different direction because you set the direction with your questions, ideas, and experiments.


Andrew Brobston

Andrew Brobston is a principal software engineer at Hobsons, developing software to help academic institutions advise their students for success. Previously, he was a lead full-stack software developer at SJV Data Solutions, an Atlanta-area company specializing in background checks. Before SJV, he was a full-stack developer with Stack Overflow.