Zen and the Art of Bug Reports

by Matt Schraan | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

At their worst, bug reports create distrust and resentment within product development teams. At their best, bug reports can build up trust and demonstrate an earnest commitment to raising the floor for your product.

Another side benefit of good bug reports is that occasionally, when the conditions are right, they can actually be useful for helping engineers resolve real product defects!

In this session we will discuss the mindset and ethos that testers should have when testing a software product, the composition of a high-quality bug report, and then view a demo of a few testing tools that have helped the Livefront team make our bug reports a little less noisy, a little more useful, and a lot more fun.

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Matt Schraan

Matt Schraan leads Product Management at Livefront. At Livefront, Matt strives to always pay it forward.