Decent web mapping, finally

by Lloyd Dalton | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

For decades, making a data-heavy online map was a tricky prospect. It demanded steep tradeoffs in cost, complexity, and maintenance effort.

The past few years have seen great progress in bringing the value of real GIS to the browser. It's very exciting!

In this session, we will

  • Look at some of the standards, tools, and services that are part of the renaissance:

    • Geocoding
    • Data storage
    • Interaction
    • Printing (printing?)
  • Compare and contrast the cool web stuff with standard analysis tools (ArcGIS, QGIS, Tableau). These aren't going anywhere.

  • Review some recent projects, and their costs in time and effort.

Be ready to gaze at fancy maps!


Lloyd Dalton

Lloyd Dalton is a software engineer at the Center for Energy and Environment.