The importance of inclusion. What do we gain from making tech creation accessible to non-techies?

by Sam Devine | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Prior to two years ago, no one on our team had any real experience in digital tech creation or design. With our varied backgrounds in art, fashion design, construction, politics and home building, the team from Kinetic Legacy was at best politely advised against starting a technology firm and at worst, flat-out laughed at. Thankful for being Minnesotan and therefor lacking any real expectation of acceptance or encouragement, we have none-the-less gone on to create a unique suite of products that may not have easily been conceived of by more classically trained tech folks. This trend of including people from outside the usual channels that we all find ourselves in is one of enlightenment and innovation.

Join Sarah Anderson, James Holmberg and Sam Devine from Kinetic Legacy as we discuss what it is like to enter the somewhat exclusive world of digital technology with a very limited tool-set. We will talk a little bit about the similarities between a tech start-up and the other business ventures we have had throughout our lives. We will even talk about the many many things we have learned from doing them the wrong way, and the few we got very right.

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