AppyHour - Human Isolation and Radical Human Marketing

by Cihan Behlivan | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

With our digital marketing and social interactivity platform; we will spark human connections through good food, happy toasts and great occasions. We have 1000s of buddies in the digital world but when we turned off our screens we sink into human loneliness and isolation. What if we use all digital marketing and social interactivity technologies to build great events in real venues with real people. What if we build long term meaningful relationships during these events which we co-develop with our real friends.

Can we simply marketing? Can we get KPIs and turn them into human connections? Can we define marketing as the alchemy of human understanding?

We will discuss digital marketing, technology, human isolation and human mind through our AppyHour journey?

We will be vulnerable, open and provocative...


Cihan Behlivan

Cihan Behlivan, MBA, COO, Interim CFO, is a technology entrepreneur and operations executive. Former investment banker with $250m+ acquisition transaction experience. Over 18 years of digital health startup experience from cloud based clinical documentation systems to clinical outcomes data collection and analytics platforms. Eight years of financial and operational experience in long term care industry. He led first technology IPO of Turkey in 2000. He joined his first technology startup in 2002 as employee number one. He oversaw product development and engineering teams, managed sales and marketing efforts and actively raised 500K funding for the Company. He started his own technology company in 2009 with 2 partners and sold it to a CRO company in 2017. He raised $750K from his partners and angel investors. He earned his MBA from University of Minnesota in Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.